Let us examine more of this emotion, this emotion of pride, or proud; obtain a clearer understanding of its origin, and also discern how best to deal with it.


Feeling proud today? Pleased with yourself over something? Why not! Everybody should have an emotion such as that at some time or other in their life. But what exactly controls that emotion? For if it is mis-directed that emotion of pride can hurt another, unintentionally or otherwise. This emotion, as of all the others, originates in the heart, whereby a person can, if mis-using that emotion, allow themselves to exalt themselves over and above others, when the truth is, we are all equal, and can experience the same emotion of pride, albeit, within different circumstances.

What we really should be considering at those times is, are we exalting ourself for something that we have done or thought up (thereby taking the credit for it ourselves): or will we be thanking God for giving us the ability to experience that emotion in the first place? And his instructions written within the Holy Bible of how to use that emotion.  For, ultimately, it will be to Him, today, that we will be giving an account for all of our emotions, resulting in our acts.

Within the Holy Bible (God's word to us), he has had written, 'When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. (Proverbs chapter 11 verse


Before his downfall a man's heart is proud, but humility comes before honour. (Proverbs 18 verse 12)

From those proverbs, we can determine that what we can think of as wise and bright by our own understanding of it, is, in God's eyes, disgrace if not used properly. And to thank Him for giving it to us, and the other emotions.

How often have we mis-used that emotion? And can God, or rather, has God, forgiven us from that mis-direction? For a clear understanding, and answer to the last question, go here to find the good news. Thank you

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